Washington State Expenditure Limit Committee: Home page


David Schumacher
OFM Director (Chair)

Noah Purcell
Attorney General Designee

Sen. John Braun
Senate Ways & Means

Rep. Bruce Chandler
House Appropriations

Sen. Kevin Ranker
Senate Ways & Means

Rep. Timm Ormsby
House Appropriations

Resources and Research

Limits on State Government Spending: Initiative 601 and Its Possible Effects on Spending and Tax Policies in Washington (pdf)
Prepared by Office of Financial Management and House Revenue Committee Staff for the Pacific Northwest Economic Conference, Seattle, 1994

The Economics of an Inflation and Population-Based State-Spending Limit: The Case of Washington's Initiative 601 (pdf) - by David Eagle, Sandra Christensen, and Patricia Nemetz in Northwest Journal of Business and Economics, 1995







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