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David Schumacher
OFM Director (Chair)

Noah Purcell
Attorney General Designee

Sen. John Braun
Senate Ways & Means

Rep. Bruce Chandler
House Appropriations

Sen. Kevin Ranker
Senate Ways & Means

Rep. Timm Ormsby
House Appropriations

Changes to Spending Limit Provisions Adopted by the 2000 Legislature (EHB 3169)

The 2000 Legislature adopted important changes to the expenditure limit which affected the development of the General Fund-State (GF-S) budget for the 2001-03 Biennium. These changes, which were included in HB 3169, also affected non-general fund budgets.

The principal changes to the spending limit specified in Initiative 601 include:

 Five Percent Spillover Threshold
 for the Education Construction Fund

State Expenditure Limit Committee

Definition of Money Transfer

"Two Way Street" Provision

Basic Components of the Expenditure Limit Calculation

In November 2000:

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